Friday, December 29, 2006

Progress and promises

On the right-hand side of this blog you'll find some new additions (click here if you can't see them). I've added some word-counters for my novel-length works-in-progress. This is partly an incentive for me to keep the figures moving, and partly to let people know how I'm doing. (The names of the WIPs are in a sort of code, and don't necessarily relate to their actual, eventual titles.)

Stephen King's universal advice to writers is, "read a lot and write a lot," so I've also added a list of what I'm currently reading. Not that I'll be doing 'a lot' of either, given how much else I've got on, but at least I'll be able to track my progress.

Here's some of the 'else':

My podcast novel, The Plitone Revisionist, is up to Episode 13 (of about 23) at, and I have another two episodes to edit, assemble and post in the next couple of days. I also have the 'verbose' version to catch up with -- something that's proving more difficult than I expected, but which I am nevertheless determined to achieve. Listener response to TPR has been very gratifying -- via email, comments using the feedback form at and comments on the Podiobooker blog.

And there's the podcast. The Rev Up Review has been sparse of late, but that too will be speeding up in the new year, and I hope to bring it back to something approaching its former regularity. I've plenty of content (it's been accumulating while I've not been producing regular shows), so there's lots to discuss, and I've some other ideas for RUR that I'll be floating in the new year.

I'd like to post more regularly to this blog, too....

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