Wednesday, May 31, 2006


After nearly two weeks of dithering, I've ordered my MacBook. I knew my next laptop would be a Mac, but I'd been waiting for Apple's announcement of the iBook replacement before making a decision. The black MacBook is seriously desirable, but at a £90 premium I felt I was being taken for a fashion-conscious, cash-careless air-head.

I don't blame Apple for exploiting those who want to show off the rarity value of a black Mac. If the black iPod is selling better than the white, why not try to make some extra profit? People can always vote with their credit cards.

As I'm doing. I've ordered the white one, upgraded to the spec of the black.

Now I'm checking out which apps have been (or soon will be) released in Universal versions. I use mostly open-source software on my Mac mini, apart from iLife '05, and though I'm looking forward to using iLife '06, there are some apps which I'll be using under Rosetta, at least for a while.

Meanwhile, I'm checking my account at the online Apple Store every day....