Sunday, June 05, 2005

Everything needs a purpose...

I've been wondering (and this is why there have so far been few blog entries here) what exactly I should be using this blog for.

The other one, The Rev Up Review, is the blog for my podcast ( Rev Up Review), and it's echoed at Stuff that's related to the podcast will be posted on The Rev Up Review, so what's this for, given that it is kind of related to what's going on there?

I suppose I should use it for anything that isn't directly related to The Rev Up Review. Such as...

After my unforgivably stupid episode concerning the Windows Recycle Bin, which was prompted by a concern for how much bandwidth I was using, I have given up any pretence of regulating the amount of downloading I'm doing. Wanadoo state they're not checking customers' bandwidth at present, but when they do, I'm going to have to upgrade. Whether that's to one of their higher-capped packages, or to a competing ISP, is something I'll decide at the time. I could be seriously better off switching to cable, for both broadband internet and telephone.

NTL, my local cable provider, do several packages including cable TV, but frankly I'm not much bothered about the TV side of things. I have Freeview, which I got mainly for digital radio, but if NTL have a good offer at the time, including a box with a digital audio output, that could swing it for me.

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